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Q: What happens when big brother or sister has left for big school and a little one is still at home alone with mum or dad?

A: A lovely way to help distract a little brother or sister in this situation is to think about what their big brother or sister is up to all day. We love School may feature super cute puppies but we can all recognise that some of the activities they get up are very similar to human school activities (well maybe not the wetting the floor accidents so much!).

Download the free the fun activities and watch the short book trailer for a taste of what this book is all about.

Please sit with me?

Sometimes toddlers just can’t settle down to listen to a book being read! Here’s one way of enticing some ‘quieter’ time.



It can be just as fun to sit and just look and talk about the things we see in the pictures. These books are set up just for that. Talking about what they see in the pictures will help very active children learn to sit more quietly and one day you might be able to read through a full picture book in one sitting!

So much bookish love!

Did you know that Valentine’s Day shares 14th February with the International Book Giving Day This is a volunteer initiative aimed at increasing children’s access to and enthusiasm for books! It’s great to share a love of reading!

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