We Love Illustrators

A picture tells a thousand words... That’s why this month we’re celebrating our love for Illustrators! Without their artistic talents there would be no picture books; and we can’t get enough of picture books.

We’ve decided to highlight a few of our favourite Illustrators this month.

Spotlight: Lachlan Creagh


Lachlan Creagh, illustrator of our favourite adventurous Wombat and the exciting Dinosaur Rocks, has a new picture book releasing this month. Wombat Went A’ Racing hits shelves June 11 and is full of exciting action scenes that bring Wombat and his animal friends to life. What will he come up with next?

Mandy Foot

– will show you fun adventures featuring favourite Australian animals!




Guy Parker Rees

– will get you moving and shaking with these lively illustrations.



Want to see more of our favourite illustrators and their books? Check out our illustrator board on pinterest

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