Tania McCartney

Tania McCartney

Tania McCartney is an author, publisher, editor, blogger and book-obsessed writing addict who has been penning books since her early years. Her popular children’s book blog, Kids’ Book Review, can be found at: www.kids-book-review.blogspot.com

What do you love about children's books?

I love the enchantment, the superlative storytelling, the magic, the characters – the ability children’s books have to transport the reader to another world, whether they are children or adults. I particularly love the way children’s books expand the imagination and encourage children to think big, to think laterally, and to develop compassion and empathy, to learn, to absorb, to grow – and to delight.

What made you start the Kids’ Book Review blog?

I wanted to start a blog first and foremost out of my desire to read and share books with other adults and children, but my other aim is to open up the book writing world to everyone – to inspire both adults and children to read and write more. I hope Kids’ Book Review, even in the smallest way, adds to the plethora of fabulous websites and blogs that focus on children’s literature. I also hope it serves as a platform for authors and illustrators to share their work and their processes with everyone and anyone – from kids to professional writers.

What do you look for when selecting books to read to your own children?

I like books that are ‘different’. I know that’s a totally subjective statement – but I love something that’s just not been done before – in any way, shape or form. I buy my kids endless information and non-fiction books but when it comes to inspirational stories and fiction, I always go for something that looks as beautiful on the outside as it reads on the inside. I buy books across the board and in all genres, but the writing must be engaging, well-edited, clever, informative and most of all – creative and imaginative. I refuse to buy churn-‘em out series held together by little more than clever marketing and fluff.

Best bedtime reading tips?

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