Sturdy Books for Little Hands

We know kids can get a little excited when it comes to reading. But there’s no need to worry about breaking books at playtime with the gorgeous and fun board book editions of some of our favourite reads! With these sturdy books, you can read them anywhere.

Look out for the latest board book to hit the shelves this month. Wombat Went A’ Walking by Lachlan Creagh is out now!

For more wombat fun, download the colourful Wombat Went A’ Walking ‘Spot the Difference’ activity!

Mixed up Rhymes

Teaching kids can be fun when you rhyme!


Rhyming can be an entertaining way to learn to read, with quick lines and little patterns that are easy to remember and repeat. But it can be even more fun when you create your own crazy rhymes from classics. Hours of hilarity for the whole family.

Check out our pinterest board for even more board books you can get your hands on.

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