Dinosaur Rocks

Dinosaurs Rock!

Children are inquisitive by nature. They just want to know about everything! Reading to little ones before bedtime is not only a great way to help them sleep; it can turn into a mini history lesson. Why not start by introducing them to the world of dinosaurs? Dinosaurs in picture books can range from being friendly, gentle and funny characters, to fierce, wild and intelligent beasts that boys (and girls!) of all ages will enjoy reading about.

Here are a few dinosaur books you can really sink your teeth into:

Dinosaur Rocks

For older boys and girls, or for kids who already know their Tyrannosaurus Rex from their Stegosaurus, Dinosaur Rocks is the perfect book to start introducing them to dinosaurs that once roamed in our very own backyard.

‘Tapping into toddlers' love of dinosaurs, a little boy befriends a bird-like dinosaur who then takes him on a journey into the past to meet other species - and back again, just in time for bed.’

For younger readers who always enjoy the roaring, stomping, and squawking of colourful dinosaur characters, check out these picture books:



All books featured will be available to purchase from all good bookstores nationwide.

Check out our Dinosaurs Galore pin board for more dinosaur fun.

For some bedtime entertainment, encourage little ones to sing along with Mandy Foot’s latest picture book, All Set For the Big Wet which goes to the tune of When the Ants Went Marching.

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