Melissa Gassman

Melissa Gassman

Melissa Gassman is one of the mums behind Kleenex Mums. She helped create as source of advice and therapy support for mum’s just like herself, trying to navigate the crazy, fun and immensely challenging rewarding world of motherhood.

Name: Melissa Gassman

Age: 36 (but only just!)

Kids: Two gorgeous boys: Oscar, 3 & Sam, 1

I spend my days... trying to get out of the door on time, trying to leave work on time, trying to get dinner ready on time, trying to get the kids in bed on time... My days off work are far more relaxed and are spent playing with my kids and taking them out to the beach, the park or the playground. I’m always trying to keep our home in some kind of order (which is why I take the kids out so often!) and I’m forever packing up toys and washing clothes. At the end of the day I try to find some time for my husband and myself (and a bottle glass of wine!)

Being a mum is... about always being there for your kids. To answer every question, to kiss away every tear, to scare away monsters and to be the monster on demand. To cheer them up and cheer them on. It’s about being totally selfless and it is fabulous.

The hardest thing about being a mum is... being creative on cue. And hitting the ground running, often at 5am.

The best thing about being a mum is... when your kids come running up for a cuddle or spontaneously announce that they love you. It just melts your heart. It doesn’t matter what your day has been like, a kiss from your child will truly light up your life.

The best advice I got about being a mum is... to make sure that you find some time for yourself. As a mum you always seem to put everything else before ‘you’: your kids, your partner, your job, the housework... You really need to invest some time in ‘you’ to be able to recharge and be up for it all. Although having said that, these days I rarely get a chance to go to the bathroom myself let alone get to the hairdresser!

My kids love it when I cook... cupcakes. They both go crazy for cupcakes (even if they only ever just eat the icing). We make them together: it’s messy, but fun and they love it.

My perfect weekend would involve... a sleep-in (past 7am would be pure luxury), finishing a coffee while it was still hot, taking the kids to the beach and not having anything much to do except play and have fun. No housework, no demands. Getting the kids to bed early and having some downtime with my husband would top it all off.

My tip on juggling motherhood & life would be... lower your standards! Don’t try to do be perfect – it’s impossible and not worth the stress. If you do what you can and you do it with love then you are doing pretty well.

This is an excerpt from the free Mum’s the Word e-book. Kleenex Mums is Australia’s biggest community of mums, and dedicated to sharing information regarding about family life, home, school, recipes and kids health. Jump online and share the collective wisdom of being a mum at

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