We Love You, Hugless Douglas

We Love You, Hugless Douglas

Hugless Douglas is back!

David Melling takes us on another fun and exciting journey with our favourite huggable bear in We Love You, Hugless Douglas! This time, Douglas is going on a best friend hunt; but who wouldn’t want to be best friends with this bear? We’re putting our hands up to go on his list.

Looking for more Hugless Douglas fun? Here’s one of our favourite activities – and one the kids are sure to love! Make sure you check out some of the other Hugless Douglas activities on the website.

Love Your Local


August is a special month because it marks National Bookshop Day on August 10. We love a day dedicated all the bookshops, but why only have one day when you can love your local bookstore every day?

With book clubs, story time, author events, discounts, raffles and more; your local bookshop could just be the most fun store you know. So don’t forget to share a little love with your local book provider.

We've been showing off a few of our favourites, so head on over to our pinterest page to check them out.

Father's Day


Father's Day is just around the corner, so don’t miss out on getting dad something great! Check out our Father's Day pinterest board for some fun gift ideas.

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