Ella Kazoo Will Not Go To Sleep

Author: Lee Fox
Illustrator: Cathy Wilcox
RRP: $16.99
Pub Date: 10/03/2011
Format: PB
Imprint: Lothian Children's Books
Inside Spread:
Website: http://www.ellakazoo.com.au

Everyone loves Ella Kazoo! The lively, lovable character from 'Ella Kazoo Will Not Brush Her Hair' is back in another charming picture book.
As the Kazoo household settles down for the night, Ella Kazoo is wide-awake and ready for adventure. She begs for a drink and another bedtime story, and sits up in bed chatting with her teddy. Sleep is a no-go zone for Ella Kazoo!

Family tensions mount as Ella ignores her mother's pleas to stay in bed. She would rather set out on an adventure on the high seas, chasing Captain Shut-eye and his pirates.

But when Ella finally captures the pirate ship Dread, she discovers that at bedtime the fearsome Captain Shut-eye and his pirates love nothing more than getting in their jarmies and getting some rest!

More information and teachers' guide available at www.ellakazoo.com.au

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