Ginger McFlea Will Not Clean Her Teeth

Author: Lee Fox
Illustrator: Mitch Vane
RRP: $16.99
Pub Date: 11/03/2010
Format: PB
Imprint: Lothian Children's Books
Inside Spread:

Ginger McFlea will not clean her teeth, no matter how hard everyone tries to make her!
Ginger McFlea, twin sister of Jasper (of JASPER McFLEA WILL NOT EAT HIS TEA! fame) makes her debut in this witty, accessibly written picture book, with vibrant, friendly illustrations that make cleaning your teeth seem more appealing to the most reluctant of toddlers.

While her brother Jasper loves using his toothbrush, Ginger gives hers to her pet turtle. But when the dentist warns her the Tooth Fairy doesn't accept rotten teeth, Ginger changes her habits quick-smart!

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